Holistic approach, painless therapy

EnerGentle Manualtherapy by Angela Molnár builds on painless and gentle techniques based on research and 20 years of experience by Angéla Molnár.
Our goal is to achieve lasting improvement not by causing even more pain, but by exploring the root problem, retuning the nervous system, and relieving tension.
We start the self-healing processes of the body with our treatments, by which a complex result (lifestyle, physical-mental-spiritual change) can be achieved.

Connection and communication with body tissues

We connect to the nervous system and the root problem through receptors in tissues. By relieving the tensions created along the spine, we relieve and re-tune the reactions of the nervous system, which affects not only the physical but also the emotional level.
We believe that physical problems cannot be solved until we feel better mentally, and vice versa. All of this can’t happen until we look at the problem from a different perspective.

One treatment is no treatment

Our treatments build on each other and form a therapeutic process - as the problem has developed over several years, even decades.
We always use the treatment technique that can help our patients the most at the moment. All therapies work best when they are suited to the current dysfunction.

Our treatment techniques

We combine myofascial techniques with visceral and craniosacral and nervous system therapy, and when the patient gets better, we help with functional physiotherapy to maintain and further improve that condition.
All this without causing pain, with gentle and soft touch techniques, but precisely connected to the given area. Thus, the effect is present on several levels at the same time.

Our treatments

100% tailor-made, premium service

Our method is 100% tailor-made - we always fine-tune the applied treatments to the individual's current condition. Since the patient - therapist relationship requires a high degree of trust and collaboration; we can best help someone who is open to change and willing to take action.
When patients take responsibility for their own recovery and commit to working together, we can achieve results faster and more efficiently.
Accordingly, we have developed our therapeutic packages that can result in lasting improvement in our patients’ condition and lives.

The course of therapy

  1. Medical history and assessment
  2. Therapeutic treatments and evaluation of results
  3. Completion of the therapeutic process - Stabilization

Our packages

Our treatments are built on each other and form a therapeutic sequence - as the problem develops over several years, even decades, it is not possible to solve it within 1-2 treatments. Therapy is more effective than occasional treatments, in which we provide a 100% personalized, premium service - with maximum attention and expertise.

Why do we treat in therapy and not occasionally?

We not only treat symptoms. We take into account all aspects of the body, looking for connections and the causes of the problem in several dimensions. We re-tune the reactions of the nervous system with special techniques – thus, reducing pain, improving movements, and creating a positive effect on the hormonal system, emotions and behavior. We initiate and intensify the body's self-healing processes to find a new state of equilibrium and health.

Thereby, our packages cannot be interpreted in a „ticket” system, but as a therapeutic process.