Speech therapy

Szájlégzés és nyelvlökéses nyelés terápia alkotja a logopédiai foglalkozásokat. Kiemelt szerepe van a fogszabályzás folyamatában, szorosan összehangoltan a manuálterápiás kezelésekkel.

Speech therapy does not only improve the sound. It is highly recommended to consult a speech therapist in case of protracted orthodontic treatment, poor posture, jaw disorders or if there is chewing pain due to arthritis.

The tongue's situation in the mouth, its function during swallowing affects the development of jaw bones and the position of the teeth. In case of tongue-thrust swallowing, the tongue dislodges the toothing and deforms it. The incorrect position of the tongue may change the breathing pattern, causing permanent mouth-breathing. Oral breathing is not economical, the diaphragm cannot function properly. It can affect the chest-back situation that can lead to incorrect body posture.

It is advisable to pay attention to the following symptoms: often open mouth, mouth-breathing, nail biting and a stubborn lisp. If any of these symptoms are noticed, the patient is likely to have a tongue-thrust swallowing. With adequate lip and tongue training and with the abandonment of bad habits, a correct swallowing technique can be obtained.

With the help of speech therapy, manual therapy and orthodontic treatment, the above mentioned problems can be solved permanently.