100% tailor-made, premium service

Our treatments are built on each other and form a therapeutic sequence - as the problem develops over several years, even decades, it is not possible to solve it within 1-2 treatments. Therapy is more effective than occasional treatments, in which we provide a 100% personalized, premium service - with maximum attention and expertise.

One treatment is no treatment

We not only treat symptoms. We take into account all aspects of the body, looking for connections and the causes of the problem in several dimensions.
We re-tune the reactions of the nervous system with special techniques with special techniques – thus, reducing pain, improving movements, and creating a positive effect on the hormonal system, emotions and behavior.
We initiate and intensify the body's self-healing processes to find a new state of equilibrium and health.
Because working with a therapist requires a high level of trust and cooperation , we can really help people who are open to change and willing to do something about it. By making patients take responsibility for their own recovery and commit to working together, we can achieve the desired results more quickly and effectively.
Thereby, our packages cannot be interpreted in a „ticket” system, but as a therapeutic process.