What is the complete process of the treatments?

For the first time, the therapy starts with a consultation, where the therapist asks about the current complaints, lifestyle and possible previous accidents and surgeries. The test is then continued in underwear. The therapist performs a thorough posture and movement analysis and then focuses on the abdominal organs, especially the connections between the organs, connective tissues, and the nervous system. Therapy begins in the area where the therapist feels the tension in the body the most and where it can best relieve it. In such cases, the operator also moves his body to a different position to gain even more access to the source of the tension, block.

During a visit, we work by combining several therapeutic tricks. Maybe one time we work more on the muscles, the next we improve the mobility of the joints and on a third we dissolve the adhesions of the connective tissue, in coordination with the nervous system. Of course, it is also the case that we use only one type of therapy catch system if it is most appropriate for healing.

After the treatments, we always prescribe physiotherapy exercises, of course, it can be done at home and within the office. Physiotherapy plays an extremely important role in the complex process and in stabilizing the positive changes.

The length of the study, including the consultation for the first time, is approx. 1.5 hours. The control occasions are approx. 50 minutes.