How can I ask for an appointment?

We do not provide acute (emergency) patient care in our office. Patients are cared for in a precise schedule based on a pre-arranged time.

If you are not facing an acute case, our appointment phone number is +3630 257 0071, if you cannot reach us immediately, our assistant will call you back soon! You can also apply via our e-mail address:
You can also apply via our e-mail address:
Please describe your complaints in a few sentences and how long the unpleasant problem has existed.
You can also request an appointment via the form on our website, which we have placed on the main page and on the Contact sub-page.
Ezenkívül a Facebook oldalunk-on is lehetőség van időpontot foglalni – ami közvetlenül az időpontfoglaló űrlapra visz.

If, for any reason, you are unable to show up for treatment, please notify us by phone or SMS 24 hours before treatment on the appointment phone numberso that staff have the opportunity to reorganize their daily schedule and offer the appointment to another patient.
To facilitate this, our assistants will send an SMS reminder to the phone number agreed with the patient the day before treatment.

This is a convenience for patients (scheduling, no nerve-wracking waiting), but it is also optimal to receive the right number of patients according to the capacity of the practice. If a patient does not cancel treatment in the event of an obstruction, the treatment room will also be unused during the unfilled time (which is e.g. 1.5 hours for a new patient) and the therapist will not be able to deal with another patient. Therefore, the full handling fee must be paid - subject to availability. Thank you for your understanding!